Ruby Lights: Classics Soy Candle

Ruby Lights: Classics Soy Candle

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The Classics Soy Candles are hand poured and scented with premium fragrance oils and are available in either White or Black.

These beauties are for the classic and timeless candle lover, which can be added to your existing decor with no fuss or drama - just what we need when we need to calm our farms right?

Find yourself a moment, and enjoy! 

-Burn time of 40 hours.

- Classics Candles come packaged in a clean box and the RL seal of approval.

- Please note: The classics will only be readily available in the following scents for this season, so if you are after one that isn't listed, please leave a note in the section or get in touch so your request can be fulfilled. The beauty of being handmade is that we can customise orders just as easy, they just might take an extra day or two!