Ruby Lights: Ceramic Marble Soy Candle

Ruby Lights: Ceramic Marble Soy Candle

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A little bit chic, a little bit modern, a little bit fancy and a whole lot of candle love.

Custom design and crafted marbled ceramic vessel in the perfect size, filled with the favourite RL scents in creamy soy wax.

This ceramic jar has been designed and custom made just for us at Ruby Lights, so you won’t see another like it! We designed them to be a 40 hour candle that can be within the budget of many, so no one has to miss out of such luxuries as a ceramic candle. 

The ceramic candle will be available for refills too, just like the rest of the Ruby Lights clan!

- Burn time 40 hour

- This candle is also part of The Candle Code!

- Comes packaged in box